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MVC - What and Why

MVC is a popular and widely used architectural pattern that gives variety of advantages in software development. The word MVC comes from three different words Model, View and Controller where all the codes of a software project are distributed in Model, View and Controller. Note that, developers get the main advantage of MVC since it's easier to maintain few steps of SDLC 

What is MVC?- As I was saying earlier, this a architectural pattern where all the codes of a project are kept in Model, View and Controller while coding the project. In short-

  • Model deals with data. All the codes and queries related to data retrieve or insert, update, delete are placed in Models.
  • View deals with code that user need in front of him to present. No business logic, algorithm or queries are suggested to place in Views. Only data that are needed and codes that represents those data as user expectation(e.g: html tags in web apps) are kept in a View.
  • Controller is responsible to coordinate with Model and View. All the business logics, algorithms and functions are placed in Controllers. When a user request something from View, it's handled by the Controller first. If the request needs data from the database, controller retrieves it from the database through Model and then throws it to View after necessary process. By this process user can view the response according to his/her request.

Why MVC? - If someone ask me such a question that "Why would I use MVC?", I'd rather ask him back that "Why won't I use MVC?". When a large project is planned to develop, then it's an immense need to consider about its maintenance, version controlling and future development. It's easier to adorn all the codes in accordance with the modules and even the codes can be changed easily if the project is being followed by the MVC pattern. There are few more, let's have an at a glance look-

  • With this pattern, codes are easy to adorn since all are distributed according to category. So, the coding standard can be maintained precisely.
  • It's easier to review or change all the codes when it comes to deal with requirement or version changes or future development since the codes are already distributed in Model-View-Controller.
  • It is important to modularize all the features inside when the project is large. There are cases where all the features are not important for all the users. In those cases, Model View and Controllers are created according to particular modules so that it can be easier to give or revoke features as per the user need.
  • A level of system security can be maintained by following the MVC pattern. Though there are so many things to consider for ensuring system security, MVC helps developer control access violation by restricting user from accessing Model directly from View. So data access and manipulation is bit secure here. In the meantime, database queries, all the logics and algorithms according to software features and all other codes are arrange precisely which ensures the code security.

Note: You may have heard about MVC framework. MVC is not actually a framework, rather it's a architectural pattern. When a framework is implemented by following the MVC pattern, it's often called MVC framework. For example, Laravel, Django, Spring are the MVC frameworks of php, python and java.

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