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Startups - Pros and Crons - should freshers join?

Right after the completion of graduation, freshers start applying for a job at various companies they don't even know about. Some of them get the job offer after a successful interview where some of the companies are may be startups. However, this is a common thing to ask by freshers if they should join in Startup companies, specially Startup Software Companies. The answer will not be the same for all. Rather this depends and may vary according to the demand of individuals. My career started with a startup company and the facts I'm going to show here is from my own experience including some of my friend's experience they got from working in startups.

Startup Companies - May be we already know which companies or farms are known as startups, still I'm telling in short - "Startup companies are those which are new in the market aim to introduce and execute their business model as entrepreneur mostly in short extent". To achieve the business goal, startup companies work harder and give their best time at the beginning. Most of the startup works out with innovative ideas so that they can sustain in the market.

Who can join startups and who should not - There are advantages and disadvantages as well in joining in startups. One should consider all these facts before joining in a startup software company. Let's have a look who should join and who should not-

Who may join-

  • Those who want to build there career as a Full Stack Developer, startups could be a good option for them. As you know, you'll have chance to work with a full project or the major parts of a project. Not only that, you may have to work in different platform and languages for rational reason though these chances you may also grab from old farms.
  • Regular pressure of work is kinda massive in startups which make you learn something sooner than from other companies. Those who have no particular projects done while they were in universities may join in startups.
  • If you are industrious and deadline oriented, then it is easier to make the company understand that you are valuable which is really important for your future career.
  • You can adopt managerial skills since you will have to workout with various project by yourself. 
  • The main thing is if the learning thing is more important to you than earning, then you may consider joining in startup software companies if you have chance to.

Who should not join -

  • Those who are skilled enough and have a good programming profile or have good experience of work should avoid joining startups. 
  • If you have expectations like precise leave policy, high salary, incentives, provident fund etc. then you should avoid joining startups.
  • Some startups may offer you a good salary but they may not continue providing your salary in due time because of some unavoidable reason (Though this may happen anywhere). So if you are not prepared to handle such kind of situation, startups are not your cup of tea.

Facts that need to be considered before joining - If you are ready to join in a startup considering all the facts mentioned above, you must confirm the following-

  • You must find people with technical knowledge and background in management panel. I have observed that management where there's no one with technical background often apply rules that conflicts with the expectation and needs of programmers and software engineers. This may grow discontent with the company which is a threat for your career.
  • You must look over the portfolio of the company to have a clear understanding about how and what the company work for. You may find the portfolio on the company website. This will help you understanding your chances of learning from a particular company.
  • You must consider the company location since you should not waste your time on the street. Remember the beginning of your career is really very important and you have no option for wasting your time anyway.

If everything stated above is okay with you, then I will say you can join in a startup company. You should prefer learning more than earning in the beginning. If you observe that you have enough chances of learning and everything is maintained according to the appropriate manner, then you can think of staying there for a while.

In conclusion I can say that, startups keep trying to do something good. I just stated opinions according to my experience so that one can take their decision precisely. Hope this might help individuals. Best wishes with your career.

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  1. Shah Imran Oct 22, 2017 01:27 AM

    Informative and directive article. May help for fresh CSE Engineer .

  2. Shohaglive Oct 22, 2017 09:58 AM

    Thanks for your comment @Shah Imran.

  3. Khondker Saiful Islam Oct 23, 2017 08:56 PM

    Well informative post for the fresher's. Feeling good and thanks.

  4. Shohaglive Oct 24, 2017 07:37 PM

    I appreciate your support. Thanks @Khondker Saiful Islam.

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