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SmarT Drive Styler

SmarT Drive Styler Overview

SmarT Drive Styler is a windows application which will allow you to stylize your drive. After successful installation of this software run it and start styling your drive with it.From the main screen click to Help button for instructions to work with it and stylize your drives and surprise your friends and relatives.

N.B- Please Refresh your computer (press 'F5') in every action for the changes can takes effect. If you set an Icon in a drive, then you must have to restart your computer to appear the icon. (Restart is not required for a folder or a removable drive. in case of removable drive, just eject it and reconnect to appear the icon) 

What's New

In this Version of SmarT Drive Styler, some new features are added, Some of them are : 
- More powerful working performance 
- Beautiful look up and help contents 
- Folders can be set as a target to stylize ! 
- Drag and drop to oppertunity to select target 
- Oppertunity to remove an item separatly 
And Many more..... 

System Requirements
1. Operating system : Windows (2000,XP,Vista) 
2. Processor : Pentium 3
3. RAM : 32 MB 
4. Hard Disk space : 10 MB 
5. Screen Resolution: 800 X 600 (1024 X 768 Recommended)

1. There is no warranty provided with this software. So in case of any problem, publisher will not suffer. 
2. This version of SmarT Drive Styler is freeware, but don't try to reproduce. 
3. In Vista, Image background can't be work. 
4.Please send your comment & needs to help me to develop the next version.

If you need to uninstall SmarT Drive Styler, just go to Start menu\All programs\SmarT Drive Styler and click Uninstall SmarT Drive Styler. You also can uninstall it form Control Panel\Add or Remove Programs.